May 2016 Vol. 2

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WOA Board

Lynda Jones- President
Brandi Bilyeu- President-Elect
Joe Maycock- Treasurer
Nate Edwards-Secretary
Chris Jons-Director
Jonathan Hartley- Director
Dana Day- Past President

NROC around the corner!

Are you coming?  We'd love to have you join us for a great agenda and to network with your fellow OD's!  Please register now!  We have a packed agenda and a full Exhibit Hall.  There are still rooms left in the room block at Snow King.  See you there!

July 27-30th
Snow King Resort and Conference Pavilion

Featured Speakers:
Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO
Richard Mangan, OD, FAAO
Jay Henry, OD, MS
Also featuring Lynn Lawrence and Julie Luebbert for Staff courses

For more information and to register:  NROC

WOA Continues Work with UW Vision Collaborative

Dr. Nate Edwards continues to lead the WOA's involvement in the UW Vision Collaborative through the WOA's Pediatric Task Force.  The role of the Pediatric Task Force, a committee within the Wyoming Optometric Association, is to advise the Wyoming Vision Collaborative, and oversee the screening protocol recommendations to ensure they align with evidence based practices tailored specifically to Wyoming. Furthermore, the Pediatric Task Force assists with the training of screeners to guarantee children receive the best possible vision screenings and eye care information.

The WOA has a great task force contributing.  To read more about them visit the link below. You can also see an article recognizing Dr. Sue Lowe's commitment to early childhood vision and her contribution for over a decade.  Thank you for all the time volunteered on behalf of the WOA members and children in our great state!


Update from WY Board of Examiners

The WY Board of Examiners recently met and have a few items of note to share with WOA members:
  • Online CE hours will be increasing to 10 hrs
  • The jurisprudence test will move to an online test as opposed to an in person exam beginning next year.  WY OD's who take the jurisprudence test online will receive 1 Hr of CE FREE.  
  • The licensure renewal and CE requirement submittal will be moving to the same deadline of April 1 each year.  This will allow the process to be streamlined.  The first year it is implemented there will be a prorated period and a way to transition.  That process has not been determined yet.  Please watch for further clarification- you will have plenty of notice prior to the change.
The State Board has submitted their changes to the Attorney General's office for review.  This will be followed by a public comment period which you will be notified of.  

The State Board would also like to remind you that they are still requiring COPE approved courses.  However, you may still submit your non-COPE CE coursed for approval.  This must be done PRIOR to the course and needs to be submitted to Dr. Jim Bell for approval.

WY Board of Examiner contacts:
Emily Cronbaugh, Executive Director

Coby Ramsey, President

Jim Bell, Vice-President

Dave Carlson, Secretary-Treasurer

GWCO Registration Open

WOA Newsletter - May 2016 Vol. 2