September 2016 Vol. 1

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WOA Board

Lynda Jones- President
Brandi Bilyeu- President-Elect
Joe Maycock- Treasurer
Nate Edwards-Secretary
Chris Jons-Director
Jonathan Hartley- Director
Dana Day- Past President

Happy Birthday!

September Birthdays

Paul Gustafson- 20th

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Thank you to the WOA members who have generously given to the AOA PAC for 2016*:

Dr. Jessica Albers
Dr. Brian Ballard
Dr. Brandi Bilyeu
Dr. James Boucher
Dr. David Carlson
Dr. Martin Carroll
Dr. Timothy Fehlauer
Dr. Ashlee Fischer
Dr. Paul Gustafson
Dr. Theresa Haas
Dr. James Hinkle
Dr. Samuel Hoffmann
Dr. Grant Jones
Dr. Lynda Jones
Dr. Christopher Jons
Dr. Roger Jordan
Dr. Sarah Koehn
Dr. Sue Lowe
Dr. Jeremy Nett
Dr. Beverly Nott
Dr. Daniel Perala
Dr. Travis Shelton
Dr. Carla Shoults
Dr. Randy Waddell
Dr. Mikel Weideman
Dr. Mark Wells
Dr. Russ Whetten
Dr. Jason Whitman

*as of July 2016

The WOA Remembers Dr. Larry Goddard

The WOA remembers long time member Dr. Larry Goddard who passed away September 9, 2016 in Grand Junction, CO.

Dr. Goddard started the Torrington Vision Clinic and retired to Grand Junction, CO with his wife in 2003.

Sympathy cards can be sent to:  454 Whitetail Lane, GJ, CO. , 81507
WOA Newsletter - September 2016 Vol. 1