October 2016 Vol. 1

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From the desk of your WOA Legislative Chair

What an interesting Presidential election year.  I saw a recent poll that shows more than half of those being polled did not consider either the republican or democratic candidate to be trustworthy.  Some have compared these percentages to those of "Tricky Dick" Nixon from the end of his presidency.  Perhaps you have felt the same way and are feeling a little "discouraged" about the whole political process as we approach election day in November.  Well, I have a solution.. GO GET YA SOME.

Go get ya some enthusiasm about the political process.  The fact that we live in a country that allows for a democratic process should not be taken for granted.  I am so thankful to all of those individuals that have fought to ensure those freedoms, that I can't help but feel an obligation to exercise those rights. 

It’s true that our single vote may not have much impact on the presidential race, but it could have a "huuggee" impact on Wyoming's election results.  A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine ran against an incumbent for a house district seat here in Wyoming.  This was his first time attempting such a feat; and he nearly won.  He only lost it by 3 votes.  In one of the primary races this year, the margin of victory was 2 votes.   Why not be enthusiastic about the fact that your vote can make a difference. 

If these two previous points don't "wet your whistle", then please go volunteer to help your candidate in their campaign.  You can contact them by e-mail or, in most cases, by phone.  The legislative website for the state has all the contact information for your candidate.  I know that if you can navigate EHR's, PQRS, MU, MIPS and the other letters of the Medicare alphabet soup, you can surely find your candidate's e-mail on the state's website.  Making a little effort to befriend your candidate will yield a better appreciation for them and their goals to make a difference for the state of Wyoming.  Why not be the person they trust when it comes to certain health care legislative issues.  A couple of hours putting up some signs or knocking on a few doors will help YA GET SOME enthusiasm. 

The WOA needs each of us as the WOA is made up of each of us.  I implore you to go out and do something to help the political process.  Step outside of your comfort zone and call that legislator NOW.  And don't forget to extend an invitation to them to attend our legislative reception on January 26th, 2017.  (Yes, this means that we would like you to be there too).

Dana Day

WOA Winter Conference

January 26-28, 2017
Little America, Cheyenne

Save the date!  Your education committee has been hard at work coming up with great speakers for you this year.  Also in the works is a fun dinner sponsored by Dishler.  This is an important year legislatively and your attendance at the conference and the legislative reception is critical.  Watch for additional information and registration this month.


Recently, your WOA President Lynda Jones and ED Kari Cline attended GWCO to represent WY.  The Presidents Council went well and WY continues to be a strong presence at these meetings.
Also- the WOA would like to thank Dan Perala for his hard work on the GWCO Board as the WY Director.

Medicaid Reimbursement Cuts Effective November 1, 2016

The following is from:
Lindsey Schilling
Provider Operations Administrator
Division of Healthcare Financing

"Effective November 1, 2016, the individual reimbursement rates for vision services will decrease by 3.3%. This will include reimbursement for frames and lenses. In evaluating the value of the adult visions services (right now limited to emergency services for injury or eye disease), we opted to apply the 3.3% reduction across all services as opposed to eliminating coverage for adults. If we can't meet the required reduction through the 3.3% rate reduction, then we will have to reconsider coverage reduction for adults as well."

For more information and a fee schedule:  WY MEDICAID
WOA Newsletter - October 2016 Vol. 1