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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Travis Shelton-6th
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It's that time again! NROC Early Bird Registration & Hotel Room Block open

It's time again to start planning for NROC.  Early Bird Registration is open until May 1st.  The hotel room block is also open and fills quickly.  We anticipate actual course descriptions to be available in early April.

To register and see who is coming this year for speakers go to the website


HIPAA Audit Alert

**The following information is courtesy of a trusted compliancy group I'm familiar with through my work as your Executive Director on a national level.  I felt it was important to share.**

HIPAA Audit Alert
Courtesy of Practice Compliance Solutions 

It has come to our attention that certain companies are contacting doctors' offices by phone and leaving the impression they represent the government. The message is that the office contacted is "due" a HIPAA Audit and a time needs to be set up for the company to come in and conduct that audit. Once you set up an appointment for the audit, you will receive written instructions of what to do next.

While the presentation sounds very scary, these companies are NOT representatives of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) or any other government entity. They are companies offering HIPAA compliance consultation and products - this is the way they attempt to get in to your office.   If the OCR wants to audit your HIPAA participation status, they will either send you written notification of their intent or will more likely show up at your office completely unannounced. 

If contacted by such a company, demand clarification of the intent and make them provide documentation of any claim of their association with the government. Do not fall for any sales pitch unless you wish to have them supply HIPAA compliance services for your office. If they blatantly represent themselves as an agent of the government or some other official HIPAA representative, we recommend you contact the Texas Regional Office of Civil Rights and report them (800) 368-1019.

National AOA Appointments

Sue Lowe- Chair, Health Promotions Committee
Coby Ramsey- Member, Quality Improvement and Registries Committee
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