August 2017

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Brandi Bilyeu- President
Joe Maycock- President-Elect
Nate Edwards- Treasurer
Chris Jons-Secretary
Jonathan Hartley-Director
Jeremy Nett- Director
Lynda Jones- Past President

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Brett Pexton- 2
Luke Brog- 4
Deon Zeitner- 21
Brian Pieper- 21
Ashlee Mills-Fischer- 31

Amy Aldrich- 4
Carl Cottrell- 11
Carla Shoults- 14
Marty Carroll- 20
Levi Porter- 27

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New Member Benefit: Save with Verizon, Office Depot, UPS, Sprint & More!

AOA members can save double-digit percentages on cell phones, office supplies, shipping, and other everyday items for their practice through AOAExcel’s new purchasing program.

A sample of available discounts includes:
• Verizon – 22% off eligible calling plans, plus free activation
• Sprint – 23% discount on corporate lines over $29.99/month
• Office Depot – Up to 65% off most often purchased office products, plus annual rebates
• FedEx – Discounts begin at 30% express and 16% ground
Please click here for more information on the discounts currently available. 

As an AOA member benefit, there is no cost to join the group purchasing program. Anyone from your staff can sign-up your practice, and there is no required spending threshold. Click here to get started today.    

If you have any questions, please contact AOAExcel at 

Medicare IQ

Here is the 2nd quarter Medicare IQ newsletter from Lana Jones, WOA Medicare Consultant.

WOA General Membership Meeting Minutes

Thank you for all the WOA members who attended the recent General Membership Meeting in Jackson at NROC!  

Here are the minutes from the meeting:  WOA General Membership Meeting Minutes

Contact Lens Prescription Reminder

There has been an increase in cases being filed against doctors for allegedly violating laws relating to the minimum length of contact lens prescriptions. These complaints are largely driven by retailers and not patients themselves.  Federal law and regulation state that prescriptions be for a minimum of one year, but doctors who practice in states with longer required prescription periods – two years, for example – must follow the longer time period.    
Wyoming statute is written such that contact lens prescriptions are for one year.  However, this is a reminder to be diligent in documenting any medical reasons you may feel it necessary to write for a different length.  The federal laws and state laws contain an exception for cases in which the doctor believes the health needs of the patient require a shorter prescription period.  In such cases, the doctor is required to note the specific reason for the shorter period in the patient’s file.   Please remember that in the event of a complaint, you may be called upon to justify your decision to a state or federal agency.   For example, the reason should specifically reference the patient’s condition.  In the event an agency asks to review the doctor’s paperwork, failing to include enough detail may result in additional requests for documents and information, which costs the doctor both time and money.  In the worst case scenario, the doctor might find himself or herself the subject of a full blown investigation, which comes with risks of financial penalties and license suspension.  

WOA Newsletter - August 2017