October 2017

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Brandi Bilyeu- President
Joe Maycock- President-Elect
Nate Edwards- Treasurer
Chris Jons-Secretary
Jonathan Hartley-Director
Jeremy Nett- Director
Lynda Jones- Past President

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Chris Loe- 2nd
Chad Roberts- 2nd

Dana Day- 4th
Lynda Jones- 12th
Mike Hughes- 21st
Jeremy Nett- 26th

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Save the Date! WOA Winter Conference

The 2018 WOA Winter Conference will be held January 25-27th in Casper at the Ramkota Inn.  Watch for details and registration later this fall.

Have you donated to AOA PAC for 2017?

Thank you to our WOA doctors who have already donated to the AOA PAC!  

As the role of government continues to expand, it becomes increasingly important to support candidates seeking federal office who understand the legislative issues facing optometry. Since the composition of the U.S. Congress changes so frequently, AOA-PAC's role must be a continuing one. AOA-PAC, as well as the AOA Washington Office, is your voice in the nation's capital.  To donate now:  https://www.aoa.org/advocacy/aoa-pac

Dr. Jessica Jo Albers
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Dr. Jenning Voss
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Dr. Mark Turner Wells
Dr. Peggy J. Whiteplume
Dr. Jeffrey A Wilson
Dr. Melissa M Younger


WOA OD/Young OD of the Year Nominations

It's time again to nominate your colleagues who deserve to be recognized for their work and dedication to the profession of optometry and as members of their communities!

Nominations are due by December 20th.

Click here for Nomination Form

Attention All Vision Providers: Important Updates to Vision Covered Benefits

Through post-payment review of claims, Wyoming Medicaid has identified over-billing of lenses when providers are billing for a pair of eye glasses. The claims system has allowed multiple lens codes to be billed and paid to providers when billing for High Index Aspheric lenses. Providers have billed codes V2100-V2399 as the base lenses and additionally billed V2410-V2499 as an "add-on" when the client's prescription qualified for a High Index Aspheric lens. V2410-V2499 are not "add-ons" to regular lenses and should be billed as the lens prescribed for the client alone. Wyoming Medicaid policy's intent is that providers will only bill for the number of items that are dispensed to clients. When eye glasses are provided to a client, only 2 lenses are provided therefore only 2 units of any lens codes (V2100-V2499) may be billed for a client when ordering glasses. 
Updates to the CMS-1500 policy manual have been made and system edits have been established to deny when more than 2 units of any lens are billed. Providers who have billed and been paid for more than 2 units on a pair of eye glasses are expected to perform self-audits and submit adjustments to these claims. Providers will be contacted and educated on how to submit these adjustments. 

Update to Vision Services - Add-Ons 
Wyoming Medicaid has updated the provider manual to include information about prescription add-ons to eye glasses and how to obtain a prior authorization (PA) for these additional services. Please review vision services of the CMS-1500 provider manual. 


AOA Member Benefit Remider

Just a reminder- the AOA's certification program is on eof the benefits of AOA membership for doctors of optometry.  You can enroll your paraoptometric staff as associate members-at no additional membership dues for you.  Once enrolled as associate members, your staff can have access to the PRC's career development resources, including education and training tools.

Visit aoa.org/paraoptometrics for more information and resources
WOA Newsletter - October 2017