July 2018

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WOA Board

Joe Maycock- President
Nate Edwards- President-Elect
Chris Jons-Treasurer
Jonathan Hartley-Secretary
Jeremy Nett- Director
Sam Hoffman-Director
Brandi Bilyeu- Past President

Happy Birthday!

Coby Ramsey - 19
Emily Stickleberger- 25
Randy Waddell- 27

Max Gustafson- 1
Brett Pexton- 2
Luke Brog- 4
Deon Zeitner- 21
Brian Pieper- 21
Sue Lowe- 22
Ashlee Mills-Fischer- 31

Remember- if you're birthday is not showing up here you need to update your member profile!

NROC- General Membership Meeting

The WOA General Membership Meeting will be Thursday during lunch.

General Membership Meeting:
Thursday, July 19
Holiday Inn, Buffalo Bill Village Resort, Cody

WOA Social Media

 As part of the communications effort for the WOA we have started social media!  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  You can follow with your personal account as well as your practice account.  Share and re-tweet to help us raise the awareness of the WOA and what OD's do in WY.  We will be highlighting your practices and what you do for your patients and communities.  

FACEBOOK:  The Wyoming Optometric Association (note- it has to have THE in the title when you look for it)

TWITTER:  WyoEyes@EyesWyo

Three Reasons Your Malpractice Insurance Needs an Annual Exam

Like an annual eye exam, it’s important to make sure your malpractice insurance policy continues to fit your needs – and does not contain exclusions that could leave you without coverage. AOAExcel’s endorsed partner, Lockton Affinity, provides a complimentary policy review for WOA members, to help determine whether your current policy might be leaving you under-covered.

If you need help reading the fine print, consider the top three reasons to take advantage of this policy review offer for WOA members: 

• Potential Surgical Exclusions. Some malpractice policies may contain a surgical exclusion, and would not provide coverage for procedures associated with certain CPT codes.

• Guarantee Coverage for Scope of Practice. If your policy is not guaranteed full scope of practice, it is important to ensure you are not left without coverage for procedures you are currently performing. 

• Peace of Mind. Lockton Affinity provides coverage for WOA members, with discounts for first- and second-year ODs and group practices of two or more. A member of the Lockton Affinity team is happy to review your policy to help you identify potential savings by switching your coverage.   

Click here to request your complimentary policy review from Lockton Affinity, to help identify any potential coverage gaps – or potential opportunities to save on best-in-class malpractice protection. 

Lockton Affinity provides guaranteed full scope of practice coverage with automatic updates, and no surgical exclusions. For more information on AOAExcel’s program with Lockton Affinity for WOA members, visit ExcelOD.com/business-liability. 

Medicare Eye Q

Recently, Lana Jone, the WOA Medicare Consultant has received calls from our members saying they had received calls on their cell phone that said they are being audited by Medicare.
Lana wanted to remind you that Medicare informs you are being audited by sending a letter.  Additionally, you should call the Medicare Carrier at 1-877-908-8431 to let the Carrier know.  When calling the Carrier at the above number, you will need to have your NPI, Tax ID, and PTAN numbers in front of them.  When they are given a menu to choose by Medicare on the call say "general inquires", then press 0 to be connected with a customer service
representative.  She also encourages you to contact the "Do Not Call" website and report the number who called saying they were being audited by Medicare. 

Read the newest Medicare Eye Q newsletter

A note from our sponsor ABB OPTICAL GROUP

WOA Newsletter - July 2018