March 2019

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WOA Board

Joe Maycock- President
Nate Edwards- President-Elect
Chris Jons-Treasurer
Jonathan Hartley-Secretary
Jeremy Nett- Director
Sam Hoffman-Director
Brandi Bilyeu- Past President

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! 
(Say belated Happy Birthday to those whose Birthdays fell in January and February)

Teresa Back- 1
Jason Whitman- 10
Kirby Treat- 21

Brandi Bilyeu- 16
Jamie Hazen- 27
Keith Eldred- 28

Mike Harris- 6
Nate Edwards- 19
Jim Boucher- 27
Grant Jones- 31

If you don't see your birthday listed please update your profile!

2018 AOA PAC Donors

Thank you to the following WOA members who have donated to the AOA PAC this year.

Dr. Jessica Jo Albers
Dr. Brian J Ballard
Dr. James H Bell
Dr. Brandi N Bilyeu
Dr. James A Boucher
Dr. David R Carlson
Dr. Martin Howard Carroll
Dr. Dana L Day
Dr. Nathan D Edwards
Dr. David C Eldred
Dr. Keith C Eldred
Dr. Timothy J Fehlauer
Dr. Ashlee E Fischer
Dr. Joseph L Fischer
Dr. Paul L Gustafson
Dr. Mike E Harris
Dr. Jonathan M Hartley
Dr. James Michael Hinkle
Dr. Samuel K Hoffmann
Dr. Wayne M Hudson
Dr. Grant W Jones
Dr. Lynda L Jones
Dr. Christopher L Jons
Dr. Roger Lynn Jordan
Dr. Sarah L Koehn
Dr. Jerrold L Larsen
Dr. Ryan P Larsen
Dr. Sue Esther Lowe
Dr. Joseph C Maycock
Dr. Jill M H Miller
Dr. Kenneth K Morse
Dr. Jeremy Thomas Nett
Dr. Daniel R Perala
Dr. Brian Pieper
Dr. Coby S Ramsey
Dr. Carla D Shoults
Dr. Jenning Voss
Dr. Randy E Waddell
Dr. Mark Turner Wells
Dr. Peggy Jo Whiteplume
Dr. Jeffrey A Wilson
Dr. Melissa M Younger

Annual Awards Luncheon

Thank you to 2018 WOA President Joe Maycock for all he did for the WOA all year!

Congratulations to Carl Cottrell on being awarded the 2019 WOA OD of the Year!  

Dr. Jim Boucher was awarded an AOA Service Award for 60 Years!  Thank you Dr. Boucher for your lifetime of exemplary work for optometry!

Legislative work

Here is a couple of pictures from the Senate committee meeting in January.  Thanks for all your work and for attending.

WOA Newsletter - March 2019