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Nate Edwards- President
Chris Jons- President-Elect
Jonathan Hartley-Treasurer
Jeremy Nett-Secretary
Sam Hoffman- Director
Jamie Hazen-Director
Joe Maycock- Past President

NROC Registration Open

July 10-13, 2019
Cody, WY
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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! 

Travis Shelton- 6
Jeff Wilson- 9
Garrett Howell- 20
Dan Perala- 27

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2018 AOA PAC Donors

Dana McDermott, Mike Weideman

Thank you to the following WOA members who have donated to the AOA PAC this year.

Dr. Jessica Jo Albers
Dr. Brian J Ballard
Dr. James H Bell
Dr. Brandi N Bilyeu
Dr. James A Boucher
Dr. David R Carlson
Dr. Martin Howard Carroll
Dr. Dana L Day
Dr. Nathan D Edwards
Dr. David C Eldred
Dr. Keith C Eldred
Dr. Timothy J Fehlauer
Dr. Ashlee E Fischer
Dr. Joseph L Fischer
Dr. Paul L Gustafson
Dr. Mike E Harris
Dr. Jonathan M Hartley
Dr. James Michael Hinkle
Dr. Samuel K Hoffmann
Dr. Wayne M Hudson
Dr. Grant W Jones
Dr. Lynda L Jones
Dr. Christopher L Jons
Dr. Roger Lynn Jordan
Dr. Sarah L Koehn
Dr. Jerrold L Larsen
Dr. Ryan P Larsen
Dr. Sue Esther Lowe
Dr. Joseph C Maycock
Dr. Jill M H Miller
Dr. Kenneth K Morse
Dr. Jeremy Thomas Nett
Dr. Daniel R Perala
Dr. Brian Pieper
Dr. Coby S Ramsey
Dr. Carla D Shoults
Dr. Jenning Voss
Dr. Randy E Waddell
Dr. Mark Turner Wells
Dr. Peggy Jo Whiteplume
Dr. Jeffrey A Wilson
Dr. Melissa M Younger

Welcome New WOA Annual Sponsor

MacuHealth with LMZ3 is a unique and proprietary formulation containing all three macular carotenoids (in a 10:10:2  L:MZ:Z ratio) found in macular pigment. This includes patented meso-zeaxanthin which is now known to represent one third of the macular pigment, specifically concentrated at the center of the fovea where vision is most critical. Our formulation is manufactured in the USA in a pharmaceutical grade facility. In fact, our product quality is so well controlled that we are able to maintain Informed Sport Certification for Olympic athletes. This means that every single production batch is fully tested by Informed Sports third party lab for product integrity, quality and ingredient consistency.

MacuHealth is the most researched formulation in the world today. Top research centers around the world have used MacuHealth in randomized clinical trials (RCT), published in high impact peer reviewed journals. Some of these centers include Moorefield Eye Hospital, London; Moran Eye Center, Utah; University of Georgia; Nutritional Research Center, Waterford Ireland to name a few. The body of scientific evidence over the past 10 to 15 years has helped us understand the critical role that the three carotenoids play when combined together in a high quality softgel. This includes their strong antioxidant role to protect our cones from oxidation, their anti-inflammatory role to reduce disease progression, their short wavelength light filtering role to improve visual performance and recently their ability to improve visuo–motor function for better hand eye coordination and coincidence anticipation. Most recently we now understand there is a direct correlation between these carotenoids found in macular pigment and the same nutrients in the brain. A recent double blind, placebo controlled RCT in young healthy adults demonstrated when macular pigment is increased, episodic memory was improved. 

To learn more contact Kyndi Newman knewman@macuhealth.com

Kyndi Newman
Sales Specialist
MacuHealth, LLC

(Mobile) 303.799.6981

Are you participating in the AOAExcel's Group Purchasing Program?

How can group purchasing help my practice?

WOA Member Benefit: Unlock savings to everyday items in your practice
How to stop paying full price on items in your practice
WOA members can receive double-digit discounts through AOAExcel’s group purchasing program. With no cost to join the program and no spending threshold to maintain participation, group purchasing can benefit your practice in several ways, including:

  • Save on shipping expenses – Whether you’re shipping glasses and contact lenses or sending patience correspondence, AOAExcel’s group purchasing program can provide discounts on both inbound and outbound shipping with trusted vendors, including FedEx, Pitney Bowes and UPS.   
  • Spend less on everyday office supplies – Reduce the amount of overhead dedicated to your practice’s essentials, such as pens, paper, mailing envelopes and breakroom items. With annual rebates and up to 65% off at Office Depot, and a core list of 500 frequently-purchased items at Staples, the savings possibilities are endless.     
  • Access double-digit discounts on calling plans – AOAExcel’s group purchasing discounts with both Sprint and Verizon gives employers access to significant corporate calling discounts on eligible plans, with the option to extend the discount to employees for their personal plans.
  • Buy more optometry essentials with less – Save up to 40% on amniotic membrane tissue by enrolling in AOAExcel’s group purchasing discount with BioD Optix, and take advantage of special savings on medical supplies through McKesson and Henry Schein.  
AOAExcel has partnered with Intalere, one of healthcare’s largest group purchasing organizations, who aggregates purchasing volume and uses the spending to negotiate discounts with hundreds of vendors and suppliers nationwide ranging from medical supplies and office furniture to cleaning supplies, car rentals and more.
Click here for more information about this new WOA member benefit and to enroll your practice today.
WOA Newsletter - April 2019