June 2020

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Chris Jons- President
Jonathan Hartley- President-Elect
Jeremy Nett-Treasurer
Sam Hoffman-Secretary
Jaime Hazen- Director
Jeff Wilson-Director
Nate Edwards- Past President

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2020 NROC
        July 15-18, 2020
        Buffalo Bill Village, Cody


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! 

Coby Ramsey- 19th
Douglas Hodgson- 24th
Randy Waddell- 27th

If you don't see your birthday listed please update your profile on the website!

Third Party Committee Update

MAY 2020


If any downloading instances are found ease double check your coding, then if valid alert me or the AOA.


Recent Eyemed audits are unfortunately valid. Please contact them and alert them they are not appreciated, but Wyoming has no insurance recall deadline (that my research has turned up). This applies to any insurances.

VSP Savings Pass

Watch for this new VSP choice plan. It is a privately bought plan. The VSP manual has specific instructions. It is not a discount plan, but you DO submit and get reimbursed your choice rates. The authorization states SAVINGS PASS, and looks different than others.  Your are required to take this as a VSP Choice Provider.
"In a nutshell, a non-insured patient would receive a comprehensive exam and pay a $50 fee if they purchase frames/lenses.  If they do not purchase frames/lenses, they will receive 20% off the doctor's usual and customary exam fee.
When the patient purchases frames (with a prescription), they will receive a 25% discount from the doctor's usual and customary fees.  If they purchase non prescription sunglasses, they will receive a 20% discount off the doctor's usual and customary fees.
Lens coverage includes a reduced fee based upon the type of lens (single, bifocal, or trifocal).  Lens enhancements are also discounted from the network doctor's usual and customary fees.
This plan also includes a 15% discount off the doctor's usual and customary fee for contact lenses, the discount does not apply to contact lens materials such as solution, etc.
There are other restrictions and limitations, including services and materials must be received within a 12 month period from any VSP network provider.  Additionally, the Primary Eye Care that has been extended to most patient plans does not extend to this plan." From Nancy Knopp, North Dakota E.D.

Jaime Hazen, drhazen@mudpringsvision.com
WOA Director
Third Party Committee

Have a Medicare question?

Just a reminder!  You can contact the WOA Medicare Claims Advisory consultant Lana Jones anytime you need help with Medicare issues.  She provides claims and coding advice.  By strict policy according to Federal law she does not provide advice regarding fees or charges. 

Please utilize this resource the WOA is providing for you.

Lana Jones
Phone: 402-474-5717
Fax: 402-474-6475
Email: ljones2@neb.rr.com

Do you have adequate malpractice insurance?

Do you have adequate malpractice insurance? Three steps to evaluate
Malpractice Insurance is key to protecting to you and your practice’s financial future.  It’s important to make sure you have sufficient coverage before automatically renewing each year. Use the three key considerations below to see how your current coverage compares:
  • What are liability limits?
    Malpractice insurance coverage levels are commonly represented by two figures. One figure, which will be the smaller of the two, represents the amount of coverage for an individual claim, and the other figure represents the annual aggregate amount of coverage.
  • Is Wyoming’s full scope of practice covered?
Some malpractice insurance policies contain exclusions that can be left open to interpretation, such as a surgical exclusion. Many common procedures, including removal of a foreign body may fall within a surgical exclusion. Malpractice coverage administered by Lockton Affinity provides protection within your state’s defined scope of practice. 
  • How can I get help reading the fine print on my current policy?
Lockton Affinity offers a complimentary policy review for WOA members, with no obligation to switch providers or terminate your current coverage. Lockton Affinity will have an expert review the exclusions in your current policy and ensure you have adequate limits. To start your complimentary policy review, click here.
Learn more about malpractice insurance from Lockton Affinity and all the other solutions AOAExcel offers today at ExcelOD.com/Business-Liability.
The AOA Insurance Alliance program is administered by Lockton Affinity, LLC d/b/a Lockton Affinity Insurance Brokers, LLC in California. Policy benefits are the sole obligation of the issuing insurance company. The American Optometric Association may receive a royalty fee for the licensing of its name and trademarks as part of the insurance program offered to American Optometric Association members.

Free Resource Kit from Essilor for your practice

Need some new resources for your practice?  Essilor has provided a FREE resource kit with downloadable graphics, signs, coloring pages, etc.  Check them out to see if you want to use them today!

Essilor Free Resource Kit
WOA Newsletter - June 2020