Wyoming Optometric Association

Welcome to the official website of the Wyoming Optometric Association!

A lot has changed in the 25 plus years since Wyoming's Optometric Practice Act was last updated.  In 2020, the Doctors of the Wyoming Optometric Association would like to see updates to the law to keep your family's eye care closer to home with the doctor you know and trust.

We need to update Wyoming's law to allow Wyoming Doctors of Optometry to do all the procedures they are trained to do.  Senate File 29 will improve your care and give you expanded options for your eye care decisions.

Get more facts about why our law needs to change:  SF29 Optometrist Practice Act Amdendments

Contact your legislator and ask them to support SF29.

The Wyoming Optometric Association (WOA) is the professional organization of optometrists in Wyoming.  Over 100 Wyoming Doctors of Optometry are voluntary members of the Association.

The WOA assists members in providing the highest standard of professional care to their patients by sponsoring continuing education programs for doctors, advocating in local and state governments for programs and laws that represent patients’ best interests, and providing information to assist doctors practicing in a variety of clinical settings.  

We provide resources to communities through collaboration and partnerships with organizations who help provide eye care for children and adults.  These programs help fulfill the WOA Mission of insuring quality eye care for Wyoming.